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Introducing the 6 Piece Knife Set!

Crafted from premium 1.4116 German steel, superior precision and durability. Limited quantities available for pre-order.

Elevate Your Culinary Experience


6-Piece Japanese-Inspired Knife Set + Magnetic Stand

Comfy Grip with Ergonomic, Colorful Handles

Versatile: Chef's, Bread, Carving, Mini Santoku, Utility Knives

Durable Blades: German Steel 1.4116 for Strength & Stain Resistance

Special Pre-Order Price: $150 (Orig. $175) + Free Stand

6 Piece Knife Set
Meet the crew: chef knife, bread knife, carving knife, mini santoku knife, utility knife – a gang ready for action. Like loyal associates, they will always at your side, held together by a magnetic bond, never missing a beat. Magnetic stand included! 


Pre-order & Beat the Holiday Rush | Ships in November

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Superior Performance Crafted from top-grade 1.4116 German steel, boasting a rockwell HRC 55 and a cutting edge angle of 13 degrees. Experience unmatched durability, precision, and sharpness.

Unbeatable Versatility From slicing and dicing to chopping and mincing, encompassing a chef's, bread, carving, mini Santoku, and utility knife, ready to handle any task.

Elevated Efficiency Our magnetic display stand adds both sophistication and practicality to your kitchen. Always have your essential knives within reach, streamlining your meal prep. Keep your workspace organized and ready for action—no clutter, just what you need for efficient cooking.

Thousands of happy customers!

I've made a beef stir fry, omelettes (cheese & sausage), fried eggs & salisbury steaks with mushroom gravy in this pan. All I can say is "LOVE IT". I think it's going to be my go-to pan from now on. It's replaced my 3 frying pans (8", 10" & 12")


Verified Buyer

I have a nice set of Calphalon pots and pans. This pan replaces all of them! Not only does it do the work of a whole set of pots and pans, it cooks everything beautifully. You'd think it cost 5 times as much - it cooks evenly, doesn't burn, nothing sticks, I mean NOTHING and it's a dream to wash. Plus the ceramic is non-toxic. I went for a long time using subpar knives in the kitchen and it was a revelation when I got a few good ones that replaced a whole knife block of mediocre ones - that is exactly how I feel about my frök.


Verified Buyer

I have both pans, definitely the best investment/purchase but I've made in years I'm about to throw out all the other pants that I have. It does everything they said and so much more definitely definitely a wise decision. waiting for more products to come out.


Verified Buyer

Japanese-Inspired Handles

Our knife set incorporates the elegance and functionality of traditional Japanese design. Crafted with ergonomic handles, these knives provide an exceptional grip for precise and comfortable cutting.

German Steel Blades

Our knife set features blades forged from the finest German steel, renowned for its exceptional strength, durability, and sharpness.

Less Clutter

Say goodbye to crowded kitchen drawers and disorganized countertops. Keep your knives organized, easily accessible, and beautifully displayed. Streamline your kitchen and showcase your culinary tools with our sleek and functional stand.

Thousands of happy customers

What Customers Are Saying About Our Products

Our new "star" in the kitchen

"No doubt this is the most versatile pan in our collection. Time to get rid of the ones our frök out-performed. From eggs to stir fry and everything in between- the frök has it covered- and fun to cook with as well."

Guillermo S.


"I received a Frok for Xmas 2022 and loved it! I just purchased one for my sisters bday and she loves it too!"This is by far the best thing i have in my entire kitchen. You need like 20 of these in every color asap!"

Chris W.


"My sister had this when I visited her over Thanksgiving and I fell in love with it so I ordered mine immediately. Arrived quickly and I absolutely love it!"

Rachelle A.