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We wanted to make a pan for people like us, people that love food, are tired of eating out, miss home cooked meals, and don’t have the time or energy for elaborate planning or cleanup. Following these instructions will give you the best fröking experience possible.


What is the frök?

The frök is revolutionary new cookware that combines a wok and a frying pan. Its high walls and non-stick coating creates the perfect environment for baking, brasing, etc.

What is the frök the made of?

Each frök is made of an Aluminium body and stainless-steel handles. The interior is either frok coating or frok ceramic coating.


Is the frök nontoxic?

Yes. We use only the best materials that are 100% safe for you and your family


What does the frök replace?

The frök can replace frying pans, baking dishes, woks, sauce pans, and much more. We believe it is the most versatile piece of cookware you will ever own.

Is the frok oven safe?

400 degrees without lid and 350 degrees with lid.


I am new in the kitchen- where do I start?

You’re in the right place. The frök was designed for all levels of cooking experience. Visit our recipe section to find some easy and fun dishes to start with. Also check out our Instagram where many of our fellow frökers and influencers post regularly.


Are there specific use & care instructions?

Of course! Please visit our Use and Care page


What are the dimensions of the frök?
Each frök is the same size at:
  • Base diameter 7.5" 
  • Top diameter 11"
  • Capacity 3.6 quarts 
  • Guage 4.5 


What is your return policy?

We offer free returns and exchanges for 30 days. We also have a full warranty on any manufacture defects.

How do I reach someone at frök if I have a question?

Visit the contact us page or email:

Do you partner with influencers to review your products?
Absolutely. If you are an influencer in the lifestyle, cooking, or nutrition space send us an email at and we will review and get in touch.