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A modern kitchen with teal-handled knives, a pan on the stove, and red onions on the countertop.

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Set of four kitchen knives in a wooden block on a countertop.

Forged Blades

Our blades offer unmatched durability and precision, setting them apart as essential tools for any kitchen arsenal.

Person slicing grilled steak on a wooden board with a large kitchen knife.

German Steel

Timeless Quality. Opt for knives crafted from renowned German steel, trusted for their durability and for every culinary task

'Kitchen knife standing vertically on a wooden board with a cucumber and a yellow number 3 in the background.'

5 Razor Sharp Blades 

Nothing like a sharp kitchen knife! Have you forgotten what it's like to have a knife that glides through everything like butter? A feeling so satisfying, it might just give you the chills. Good news: with our set, you'll receive a Chef, Bread, Carving, Santoku, and Utility knife (stand included). Everything you need to complete your kitchen setup.

A person selecting a knife from a wooden block set with assorted kitchen knives.

Natural Wood Stand Included 

Make your kitchen pop! With our magnetic display stand, your knives will always be organized and ready by your side, combining aesthetics, functionality, and hygiene for a superior knife storage solution.

A hand slicing red onions with a kitchen knife, with the phrase 'Like Buttah!' displayed.

Thousands of happy customers

Over 45 years in the game manufacturing product for leading home brands & distributing to different retailers around the world. We set out to create frök as a source for higher quality cookware, dinner, knives and more, shipped directly to your door. Our products are actually well made and built to last.

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6 Piece Knife Set
Meet the crew: chef knife, bread knife, carving knife, mini santoku knife, utility knife – a gang ready for action. Like loyal associates, they will always at your side, held together by a magnetic bond, never missing a beat. Magnetic stand included! 

5 forged German steel knives

Magnetic display included

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